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Rose Quartz Diffuser Expandable Bracelet - PINK COLLECTION

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Dreaming of diffuser bracelets that can be worn with your professional and even formal attire?  Look no further!  This is a unique, trendy, cute, low profile diffuser bracelet for women and teens. Some would call this a healing bracelet as well, because of the stones that are used to create it! Insert wide eyed emoji here!  One size fits most!

It's time we have access to diffuser bracelets that are beautiful and can be worn with work attire and even a pretty dress to an event. I lamented the limited options when I became interested in using diffuser bracelets.  I decided to create a bracelet that was trendy, while offering the functionality of diffuser beads. I place the diffuse beads on the bottom of the bracelet so they are hidden from plain view! Brilliant! And sneaky ;)

But wait! That's not it! These bracelets are made with a beautiful stone called Rose Quartz.

This stone is said to promote self love, inner healing, friendship while providing comfort in times of grief.  It also vibrates with the Heart Chakra!

Note: This is an expandable bracelet. It will expand to your wrist and when removed, it will go back to its original state. Also, these are natural stones, so they will have variations and abnormalities; it is part of the charm.

This is a great gift for your mom, sister, best friend, bridesmaid, daughter, teacher, boss, or secretary. Oh wait! A gift for yourself as well!