Top 5 Essential Oils for Sleep

When sleep evades us, it makes daily life difficult on so many levels.  Rather than belabor how daunting life can be to someone who struggles with sleep, let’s talk about what essential oils can help support healthy sleep, because people ask me about this ALL THE TIME.

The top 5 Essential Oils for Sleep are:

1:  Lavender – known to encourage restful sleep, reduce anxiety and help with stress

2:  Cedarwood – know to have sedating properties, encourage restful sleep, and reduce stress

3:  Vetiver – known to help with anxiety, assists with stress management, and encourages restful sleep

4:  Goldenrod – known to encourage calm and relaxation

5:  Orange – known to assist with stress, anxiety and mood

Now, if you are about to go buy a bunch of oils, please read my blog post about the importance of finding the right source for oils first.  There are things you should be looking for.  If you don’t buy pure, non-synthetic, non-adulterated, therapeutic grade essential oils, they will not help you.

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of having to make your own blends to support successful and healthy sleep, have no fear!  I have created a blend that can be rolled on before bed that has helped many others “catch sleep”, to use a term my Italian parents use when referring to “falling asleep”.   I lovingly call it SANDMAN.