Top 5 Essential Oils for Acne

If you showered in my bathroom, you would think “what are all of these different bottles of Essential Oils for?"  Well…they all have a different purpose, depending on what my needs are!  I put drops of certain oils in either a purr-worthy homemade scrub, or a standby, store bought scrub.
I usually get questions about oils that are good for acne, so here is my list.  HOWEVER, do not forget that acne is often driven by diet, stress, and unclean pillowcases and cellphone screens.  That said, try to dial in those things as well...and drink enough water!

Here we go…top 5 essential oils for Acne...ENJOY!

1 – Melaleuca Alternifolia aka Melaleuca A:  this oil is said to be known for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

2 – Geranium:  Geranium is said to be known as an anti-inflammatory (great for when you have a really “puffy” zit, because this oil should reduce its size).  It is also said to be an antibacterial that is helpful with oily skin.  Historically, this oil has been used for skin conditions.

3 – Vetiver:  Vetiver is one heck of an oil.  It is said to be an antiseptic used for more than just acne.  It can be used for wrinkles, oily skin, acne, or aging skin.  Sounds almost like Lavender.  Lavender does so much…so does Vetiver.  Side note! Vetiver is viscous!  You need patience to get a drop out of the bottle.  You shouldn’t need an entire drop, so instead, with clean hands, place your finger on top of the EO bottle, and flip it over until you feel like you have some Vetiver on your finger.  BOOM!

4 – Lavender:  Speaking of Lavender, this is a great oil for acne as well!  Lavender is said to be an antiseptic, and an anti-inflammatory.  Lavender is great for so many other things.  Cut/scrape?  Lavender.  Can’t sleep?  Lavender.  Acne?  Lavender.  Bruised?  Lavender.  Tense or Stressed?  Lavender.  PMS?  Lavender.  Respiratory infection?  Lavender.  Are you “pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down”?  Lavender is the bomb-dot-com. 

5 – Eucalyptus Radiata:  This oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. WOOT!

I bet you are thinking…”GREAT!  But how do I use them?!”  Dilute a dab of one or two of the oils above with a carrier such as Coconut Oil, which is known to be antibacterial, or Jojoba Oil and apply it to the affected area.  I like to do this after I have washed my face, before I go to bed.  If the trouble spot is still angry in the morning, I will use one of the anti-inflammatory oils on the spot to try to calm it down.

There you have it!  Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

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 Note:  essential oil details obtained from Essential Oils Desk Reference, Sixth Edition, by Life Science Publishing.