Top 5 Back to School Oils

Ohhhhsnap.  I see you!  You’re posting on FaceBook that you bought the school supplies and your friends are freaking out because they haven’t started!  Where did the summer go?!  

When I think of oils that can help our students (and ultimately, parents too, because a happy house makes for happy parents), these 5 come to mind (and bonus, I may present more than one, together…because I can):

1 – Peppermint and Lemon - WAKE UP BUTTERCUP!  Do you have some kids that are a little slow on the uptake?  And you’re watching them thinking, “ohhhhmygoddddddddddddddddd hurrrrryUP!”  Pop some peppermint and lemon in your diffuser and you will see things change.  ZIP, ZIP, ZING!  Everyone gets a pep in their step! 

2 – Lavender - WIND DOWN!  After long and stressful days, and after school work is done, you can help the house wind down and shift into sleep-mode by popping some Lavender in your diffuser.  If you want to target a specific person at a specific time, you can rub the lavender on the soles of their feet.  Because let’s be honest, you have a million things to do after the kids go to sleep and you don’t want to be hit with the lavender bomb until you are ready.  “STRATEGERY!” <-- please tell me someone laughed at that…am I dating myself? If you don't know the reference, just know that it is funny.  I'm giggling right now!

3 – Vetiver – HOMEWORK TAKES FOCUS!  Vetiver is a beast of an oil when it comes to focus (and other things, but let’s talk about that later).  Now…vetiver is a tough cookie to get out of the bottle because it is so viscous (sooooo viscous).  You can pop the bottle into your bra to expose it to your body heat and thin out the oil.  You can also try running it under warm water.  Don’t get pushy with the water temperature, though, because when exposed to high heat, the efficacy of the essential oil will be compromised.  The bra route is safer…but takes longer.  Sorry, Charlie!  😉 And hey, with Vetiver, patience goes a long way.  I can’t tell you how many times I watched a single drop starting to take shape, and I had to sit there for a minute before it dropped out of the bottle.  Get Zen, baby…get zen.

4 – Bergamot – TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN!  Ugh.  When your kids are cranky and you can’t figure out why and you can’t handle much more of it?  When your teen is blue and will not talk about it because there is likely nothing specific that they can point to?  Enter Bergamot.  Happy Days!

5 -  Frankincense – DOWN TO EARTH!  Have you had those nights where your kid is wound up, inconsolable and upset about something that, in the grand scheme of things, is not really that big of a deal?  But for them, it is a big deal and they can’t even see straight?  Those are the worst.  And there is no amount of rationalization that you can do that will help them see how they are spinning the situation into something much bigger than it is….and your efforts make things worse because it makes them feel like you don’t value their feelings and you don’t understand them.  But they need something. They need Frankincense.  It will help them get a bit more grounded so they can stop making the issue bigger than it is.  I have put it on my son’s pillow. You can put some on the base of their neck or behind the ears.  You can put it in a diffuser.  It’s good.  It helps.  It’s magic.

Give these a whirl!  I would love to hear your experience with them! 

If you are interested in sending your college student a care package that has blends that will support their time away, check this out…4 must have blends.  It’s a great going away gift!  And to be honest, these would be great for high schoolers as well.

If you have anything you would like me to write about, feel free to shoot me an email from the contact us page!