Essential Oils for Skin

Which essential oils are good for skin?  And which oils are good for specific skin issues? 

Ask and you shall receive!  During one of my last live streams on Facebook, I was showing y'all how to make a VERY simple facial scrub (swoon).  I mentioned that I don't add oils directly to the scrub because I keep all of my skin oils in my shower so I can choose which oil to use, depending on my needs.  Because knowing which oils to use is not common knowledge, I was asked to pull together a blog post about oils for skin.  While this is NOT an exhaustive list, here goes!

Essential Oils for Dry Skin:

Essential Oils for Dry Skin

  • Carrot Seed
  • Rose
  • Neroli
  • Helichrysum
  • Ylang Ylang

Essential Oils for Oily Skin:

Essential Oils for Oily Skin

  • Bergamot
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Geranium

Essential Oils for Aging or Mature Skin:

Essential Oils for Aging Skin

  • Carrot Seed
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Frankincense

Essential Oils for Acne:

Lucky you! There was a separate blog post about that!  Check it out!

Essential Oils for Wrinkles:

Essential Oils for Wrinkles

  • Carrot Seed
  • Elemi
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Helichrysum
  • Sandalwood

Phew!  Ok.  Now for what you probably feel is the hard to use them.  I usually put a few drops of whichever oil(s) I choose in my facial scrub while in the shower.  I'll be honest; I usually use more than one oil.  Then when it is time to use moisturizer (I use straight Emu Oil), I add a drop of Frankincense or a smudge of Rose.  For those of you who know about pure Rose essential oil, it's expensive.  So, I don't even use an entire drop.  And I try not to use it often.  And who am I kidding?  Frankincense isn't cheap either, but that stuff is AMAZEBALLS! When I am consistent with adding it to my moisturizer, people tell me my skin looks like it is sparkling.  I'll take it!

As an aside, stress can take a heavy toll on our skin.  If you have a lot of stress in your life, check out or Get Zen essential oil blend to help keep you from getting overwhelmed by stress; it takes the edge off.  The smell will make you want to inhale it all the time.

Alright my Unstoppable peeps...that's it!  Reach out if you have questions!