Benefits of Diffuser Bracelets

Diffuser bracelets are a unique and easy way to bring essential oils into your everyday life.  Here is a short list of why they are the bee's knees:

  1. EASE OF USE - Diffuser bracelets allow you to enjoy your essential oils without having to put them on your skin and potentially stain your clothes.  Trust me, I have learned the hard way.  I love Jasmine EO and it has stained multiple light colored professional jackets and dresses.  It comes out, but why bother with that when you can enjoy your EO on a piece of diffuser jewelry?
  2. PORTABLE - We all love our electric diffusers; they fill the room with your EO of choice. But what happens when you need to relocate?  You can't always take the diffuser with you!  But with diffuser bracelets, you are able to keep your EO near you without needing to be plugged into a wall!  WIN!
  3. GROUNDING - Difuser bracelets typically involve lava stones, which are known to have grounding properties that connect you more deeply with Mother Earth.
  4. FUNCTIONAL ACCESSORY - Diffuser bracelets are a low profile accessory to complement any outfit.  

I know what you are about to say.  "I've seen diffuser bracelets! They are so ugly!"   NOT MINE! 

I love essential oils and I always wanted to be able to use diffuser bracelets.  But I agree with you!  I couldn't find any that I liked. They were all just elastic bands that were full of lava beads.  Not pretty.  And I wanted to be able to wear them to business meetings and to work.  They can't look crappy!

To quote the kid movie Robots, "see a need...fill a need".  I decided to FILL A NEED and create a chic, stylish diffuser bracelet.  My bracelets are made with:

  • lava beads
  • memory wire
  • natural healing stones

Why the healing stones?  First of all, healing stones add color to match your gorgeous outfits.  But more importantly, healing stones bring an added perk because of their healing properties.  Couple healing stones with essential oils, and you have the dynamic duo of goodness.  Check them out!  They are amazeballs.